"This league is what a man would do"

My NFTGL Journey - An NFTGL History
written by: William "Gung Ho" Summerfield


I Lets start with some background.  I was an avid TSB player as a child.  Then when I got an SNES one Christmas, I foolishly asked for the newest and terrible football game named after some fat former coach.  Fortunately, my mother knew better and provided me with TSB for SNES.  I played and played and played.  And I loved it.  But as time passes, and I grew, I moved on.  I enlisted in the Marine Corps, got married and found myself as a 28 year old father of 3.  I had not played TSB in almost 15 years.  

Then it happened.  The phone call.  I received a call from TecSpectre.  This in itself was not out of the norm, however this day was different.  On this day, TecSpectre wanted to discuss Tecmo.  I instantly felt like a child again.  And it felt good.    

It was on this day that he had explained to me what the NFTGL was and how great it was, and how it had become dormant because of work schedules and the guys getting older and the normal life issues.  But, TecSpectre had a plan.  And it was a great plan.  TecSpectre had done the math and determined that we could platy an entire season in approximately 50 hours.  This was a merely one weekend, and surely all the guys could find a way to block out just one weekend.   We did.  And it was amazing.  And it continues to be amazing.  

With TecSpectre's vision, the new NFTGL was formed.  However, I had no experience with the platform of the league, TSB III.  So the journey began.   Fate provided me with the Minnesota Vikings.  And a man wins with what fate gives him.    

NFTGL Season VII was a good season as a rookie.  I utillized the Vikings passing game, however the lack of a run game is just too much.  And while the Vikings have good players on D, they have no superstars.  I managed 2 man wins that season, both over the Packers, and finished with a respectable 10-6 record.   The offseason was brutal, with me not getting any of my trade proposals and my big free agent signing being Eric "glass jaw "Ball.  But still, I felt like with enough practice I would get better.  

NFTGL Season VIII was a season of the great disappointment.   I started the season with an amazing victory over the perennial powerhouse and division winner Buccaneers.  I promptly followed this up with computer shame and a loss to the Eagles.  The rest of the season would follow the normal path.  After starting with so much hope, the season ended with a terrible 9-7 record.  However, this offseason welcomed the addition of Randall Cunningham.   

NFTGL Season IX was an amazing season.  While there was no major win over the upper echelon of the league, I did manage to win the games I needed to win, and set up a final man game show down in Cetera Bowl 2.0 against the Packers.  In a game of field goals, I managed to win 9-7.  In the process, I secured my first ever playoff birth in the NFTGL Playoffs.  This was even sweeter as it occurred at my own home.  After beating the Comp controlled Cowboys, All I needed to gain a birth in the Man Bowl was to defeat the mighty Buccaneers.  It was not to be.  Randall would throw a pick 6 on his first pass, and that was as close as I ever was in that game.  But my head was held high.  I had made the playoffs.  I won Cetera Bowl.  I would improve.   

NFTGL Season X was a lesson in adversity.  After beginning the season 2-0 in man games, I found myself locked up with the Bears in a close battle.  Then Randall got hurt.  In steps Chad May.  Despite Chad May's overwhelming suckiness, I stayed with the Bears and trailed by 7 late in the fourth.  4th down, late in the game, and Adrian Cooper drops a wide open pass for the first down.  This would be the first of 7 straight man losses and a 9-7 finish.  While the record doesn't show it, I still felt I played well.  Many of these games were one possession games and overtime losses.   

So now we are 1 month away from NFTGL Season XI.  And I have been relentlessly practicing.  I have spent hours refining my offense and hours playing different styles of defense.  The Vikings will be a force in NFTGL XI.  They will be ready.  My Journey is not complete.