"This league is what a man would do"

Christopher Jones - An NFTGL History
written by: Staffsergeant Max Fightmaster


A storied past, a questioned future, a question mark for all time; that is what you get with coach Christopher Jones.

As one of the leagues founding members, coach Jones has probably the most checkered story thus far. When the No Frills Tough Guy League was formed Chris was there, helping to lay the foundation for a live Tecmo Super Bowl III league that flourishes to this day.

In the beginning Chris took the helm of the Atlanta Falcons. He had an up and down first season, finding very little success within his division. Where coach Jones excelled in this first year was against the NFC central. It was this success that earned Chris the final playoff spot and a face-off with the Dallas Cowboys.

Over his career coach Jones has shown a knack for running up the score on the computer. It was this knack that got him past the Cowboys in year 1 on his road to facing the #1 seeded Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a game he would squeak by to win by the smallest of margins. From here, Chris moved on to the first ever Man Bowl to face the Chicago Bears. As fate would have it, Chris’ ability to overcome the NFC central teams in this first season would not fade and after it got him into the playoffs, it won him the very first NFTGL Man Bowl.

Unfortunately for coach Jones, in those days the victories were short lived, and within two weeks he was set to defend his title. In his first game he faced the New Orleans Saints, the first seasons NFC West division winner, and lost 24-0; being held to 18 total yards of offense. In his next game he faced the St. Louis Rams, a team that many felt was the weakest in the league, only to lose again. This time the score was 17-0 and the Man Bowl champion could only muster 34 total yards of offense.

It was at this point that coach Jones came to realize that the league had gotten a bit more serious, and competitive, than he had bargained for; and he decided to step down; a move that has gone down as the least manly move in NFTGL history.

Coach Jones continued to attend the weekly gatherings as a spectator, catching a whirlwind of crap for his decision. He would not relent however and maintained his retirement for many seasons.

At the beginning of the sixth season in the NFTGL coach Jones petitioned the league to once more take up the paddle and throw down with the rest of the league. Because he had forfeited his rights to a position in the league it was deemed that he could not once again coach the Atlanta Falcons and through a tossing of chance, his lot was forever tied to the Detroit Lions. A team that he would learn, no longer retained the rights to wide receiver Herman Moore.

In his first season back in the NFTGL, Chris faced a harder road than he’d ever faced before. Though he had flourished in the past against the NFC central, he had been inactive for so long that the talent levels had risen, and he found his team lacking in many areas where he was accustomed to a greater level of skill.

Yet after his first season, though he only won 2 man games throughout the year, his continued dominance of the computer allowed him to squeak into the playoffs once more. A feat he would duplicate in 2 of the next 3 seasons.

At the reforming of the NFTGL, coach Jones elected to once more sign up with the Detroit Lions but was unable to attend the 1st season. In his absence, the sneaky Pittsburgh Steelers organization traded for Henry Thomas and sent back a pile of used books to compensate the Lions. It seemed like fate in a way; perhaps the Tecmo Gods were continuing to repay him for quitting after they gift wrapped him the first Man Bowl title. No one will ever know.

Chris’ first seasons return to action was a less than stellar affair. Through 7 games he managed to only win 1. He scored fewer points than he ever had against other players and didn’t even sniff his earlier successes against the computer. His defensive play was worse than it had ever been and it looked like he had lost a bit of the wily style of coaching that had always kept him in games.

Now we wait. The 3rd season since the reforming of the league is almost upon us and Coach Jones will be unable to attend. Will he return for season X to and fight for that coveted 6th seed once more? Only time will tell... time and patience.