"This league is what a man would do"

Jim Everett- An NFTGL History
written by: Staffsergeant Max Fightmaster


Jim Everett began his career in the NFTGL with the New Orleans Saints. After 1 season however, the Saints mistakenly dropped Jim to pursue other options at the QB position, not realizing until years later the mistake they had made.

Devastated by his release from the New Orleans Saints, Jim took a year off from football to evaluate his future.

The following year, Jim was contacted by the Chicago Bears and signed a 7 year contract with them. In his first season back in the NFTGL Jim led the Bears into the playoffs and was named Man Bowl MVP and champion.

In his second season with the Chicago Bears Jim led them to their first ever division title and the best offensive season the Bears have ever known. Unfortunately, the Bears were defeated in their Man Bowl rematch with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and would not get a chance to defend their title.

Jim was irate. Reports from the time period say that his anger caused his coach [Luis Fonovic] to actually get up and do something.

The following season, Jim’s 3rd in Chicago, once more he led them to the playoffs. Fighting through the wild card and divisional rounds the Bears found themselves in the Man Bowl once more. This was Jim’s second trip to the Man Bowl and this time he would face his former team. Jim led the bears to a 10-0 half time lead and in the end was the first two-time Man Bowl Champion.

In Jim’s 4th season he led the Bears to another wild card year but was unable to guide them to the Man Bowl. Perhaps it was fate. No quarterback had ever been to back to back Man Bowl Championships thus far in the league. Jim wanted desperately to be the first. He was now being talked about as the best quarterback in the league.

The following season the Bears suffered serious losses in their defense and while Jim fought hard to keep them in the competition, he could not overcome the defense. The Bears posted their worst defensive season to in history that year. Though Jim led them to the playoffs, the heightened competition was too much and they fell.

Through 5 seasons Jim had played every game with the Bears and led them to the playoffs 5 times. He had played in and won 2 man bowl championships. He was beginning to be talked about as a league iron man. Unfortunately for Jim, his coaching staff began to lose heart. It had been two seasons since they’d appeared in the Man Bowl. In that time, Stan Humphries signed with the Carolina Panthers and led them to back-to-back Man Bowl victories. Stan tied Jim for most Man Bowl appearances and victories and accomplished Jim’s greatest dream.

In Jim’s 6th season the league had adapted to their offense and the Bears coaches couldn’t adapt. Though Jim tried to keep them in it by throwing for his 2nd best ypg average to date, the team couldn’t punch it into the end zone and posted their worst offensive season ever. The Bears limped into the playoffs and even pulled out to make it through the wild card round, but once more they faced the New Orleans Saints and this time the Saints were able to overcome their former QB.

After 3 seasons of failure in the eyes of the Bears coaching staff, the future of the franchise was now in question. The Bears reached out and acquired a new running back from the San Diego Chargers who reinvigorated the offense.

With their new running game, Jim became more of a game manager in the pocket and the Bears became more of a force. They posted their best season to date offensively and for the 2nd time they won their division and a bye into the playoffs. In the divisional round Jim Everett now got to face off against his arch-nemesis Stan Humphries in a manly battle akin to Optimus Prime vs Megatron, Duke vs Cobra Commander or the Muppets vs the Fraggles. Stan led the Panthers to a 7-3 half time lead, but Jim wouldn’t allow his team to lose. In the second half he rallied to score two touchdowns and win the game 17-14 to get back to the Man Bowl for the first time in 4 seasons.

Once again, Jim would face off against the New Orleans Saints. They were now led by Brett Favre and they were the defending Man Bowl Champions. In possibly one of the greatest and most forgotten Man Bowls of all time, the Saints took a 17-7 lead into half time after having jumped all over the Bears 10-0 in the 1st quarter. In the 4th quarter though the Bears trailing 24-14 would rally to tie the game and send it to overtime 24-24. The Bears led the game in rushing yards, holding the Saints to below 0. Jim threw for more yards than Brett Favre, but in the end the Saints emerged victorious 30-24.

Another QB had accomplished Jim’s goal. Another QB would etch his name into the annals of history as a two-time, back-to-back Man Bowl champion.

Then it happened. The NFTGL collapsed and Jim Everett found himself not only without a job, but no longer with a league to call his own. His contract had expired with the Bears. He was a man lost.

He worked tirelessly over the years to try and build a new league. To try and find a way for the glory of the NFTGL to be reborn he reached out to his former team. He contacted the Saints former coach Ray Bordier and told him his ideas of a new era in the NFTGL. He convinced him to pitch these ideas to the old coaches and owners and his ideas were so brilliant, so rich with potential that the NFTGL was reborn. In the year of our lord, 2012A.D., not 1 month beyond the celebration of the birth of Christ.

Jim signed a new contract with the New Orleans Saints. A team committed to helping him earn his back to back Man Bowl Championships. Jim was one of the 3 winningest quarterbacks in NFTGL history and the Saints were one of the 3 winningest franchises. It was a combination that seemed unstoppable.

Reunited with the Saints, Jim showed that he had all of the ability of Brett Favre and more leading the Saints to their best offensive season in league history. The Saints posted the 2nd best record in the NFC this year, behind the Carolina Panthers (the only team to beat the Saints). In the playoffs the Saints routed Jim’s long time team the Bears. A team that without Jim could not seem to do anything offensively. They then defeated the Bucs and would face off against the Panthers for a third time that season.

Jim continued the Saints unstoppable march in the playoffs to a 14-3 lead at half time of the Man Bowl. Sam Mills of the Panthers kept pounding though and rallied his team in the second half. Shutting down Jim and his team and winning the Man Bowl 24-14. After the game Jim was seen leaving the field with his head hung low.

During the off-season Jim worked relentlessly to better himself and his teammates. He drilled his coach and the finer points of their offense and what he could do with his team. He even helped his fellow qb Tim Rosenbach to be a better player.

To kick off his second season back with the Saints, Jim would face the Panthers in a rematch of the Man Bowl. With all of the work the teams had put in, you could see the rust on both teams. This led to some late 4th quarter mistakes by the Panthers that allowed the game to go into overtime. However, the Panthers would hold on to win 17-14 and start the Saints season off poorly.

Jim would only lose 1 more game that entire season en route to posting one of the greatest offensive seasons in NFTGL history and would face off against the Panthers once again in the Man Bowl. This time, he would claim his victory and once more become the winningest quarterback in NFTGL history.

After winning Jim took some time off from the game to be with his family and friends and to show off his Man Bowl champion belt. He came back to training camp reinvigorated and ready to take on another season in the NFTGL and go for his coveted prize of a back-to-back Man Bowl victories.

Once more Jim would find himself facing off against the Panthers to open the season and this time he was able to lead his team to victory. It was a very defensive game on both sides of the ball, but it was a good omen for the season.

Jim however would suffer a most heinous defeat this year at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers. Jim hung his head in shame once more knowing that had he gone back to Chicago this would never have happened. However, beating the computer was never more than an afterthought for Jim. His goal was to win back-to-back Man Bowl championships, and he knew that would never happen with Chicago’s current coaching staff.

Jim led the Saints to yet another division title, his 3rd as a Saint and the 8th overall for his franchise. The Saints offense didn’t break any records this year and Jim threw for his second lowest average per game total in league history, but the Saints defense was playing phenomenal football and Jim was still leading the most prolific offense in the league.

In the playoffs Jim and his Saints would face off once more against the Bears who had brought in a lot of new talent to try and fill Jim’s shoes. Alas, the Bears could not defeat Jim, for they did not have the heart to do so, and Jim would once more make it to the Man Bowl. Becoming the first quarterback in league history to appear in three consecutive championship games.

Facing the Buccaneers, as he did in his first Man Bowl appearance, Jim opted to utilize his running game a lot and while he did attempt a number of deep passes, his receivers were not coming up with the catches.

Near the close of the second quarter, the Buccaneers were leading 14-7 and Jim was leading a drive inside the Buccaneers red zone. Jim rolled out to the flat to be met by Kenneth Gant in a jarring collision that would knock the ball loose and give possession back to the Bucs.

In a hard fought game, Jim had made the only mistake, and the Saints fell 17-14 in the end. Jim would be seen later kneeling on the turf where he’d fumbled the ball, staring into the dimmed lights of the dome wondering what had gone wrong.

That off-season, though he lost, Jim was rewarded by the Saints with a new 7 year $200 million contract. The Saints knew who their most valuable player was.

Because of costs, the Saints traded Eric Allen to his former team for a young talent in Bobby Taylor. This team was finally Jim’s team. Forevermore.