"This league is what a man would do"

Man Bowl I - An NFTGL History
written by: Sir Reginald Spoonsmoore III


The Tecmo world turns and leagues come and go, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades into myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the group that gave it birth return again. In the first era, an era of manliness, the league was born and a man arose. When championships would hang in the balance, and titles began.

It was a bright Sunday afternoon. A group of men had gathered to watch other men, some would say manlier men, battle each other upon an emerald field; Bathing themselves in the crimson of their foes.

These men gathered to spectate, not knowing that by chance they would create something greater than they could have ever imagined.

Discussions were had of a nostalgic sort. The battles they’d fought, the battles they’d won. The rewards they reaped and the women they’d laid. It was a jolly affair for most, until the challenge was cast. Words got heated. Warriors stepped forth. The platform had been chosen.

Tecmo Super Bowl of the Third Age was to be their arena. From there the challenge grew into a weekly event. Eventually, it became their league. A league that would contain no frills, no easy victories would be allowed and no women could compete. This was a mans league.

This first period of this Man league flew by quickly and before anyone had realized the playoffs were upon them. Five of the six men had made it with only those deemed “unranked” failing to do so.

In the first round the Vikings of Minnesota set out upon an expedition to slay the Bears of Chicago. Alas, these Bears took their assault to the skies and would maul the Vikings in a most vicious fashion.

The Bears would find themselves facing a heavenly opponent in the next round, perhaps the fates decided this punishment for the way they’d manhandled the Vikings. In what would prove a most defensive battle, the Bears would feast once more; this time upon the flesh of these Saints.

Then, the long awaited battle would occur. Flying high off of a meaningless victory against the cyborg Cowboys, the Falcons of Atlanta were set upon by the swashbuckling Buccaneers of Tampa Bay; A bay known best for its Dragon’s roar and its stalwart defenses. Much like the Bears, the Falcons had to fall back on a high aerial assault to clutch victory from the swarthy pirates; but clutch they did and the fates would now pit us in a battle of the beast.

The high flying Falcons of Atlanta flew into the cold lands of Chicago. The Bears tried to board a Carrier for the battle, but early on in the fight, the Carrier broke. It was an all aerial assault that day for the Falcons and the Bears could do nothing to stop them.

In the end, the Falcons had shut out the Bears and claimed the title of Man Bowl Champion for their leader. It was a hard road; but it was a road whose victory and title would be a thing of Legend for all time.