"This league is what a man would do"

NFC Superior - An NFTGL History
written by: Crawdad Montgomery Terwiliger


The Golden Age; The time when the NFTGL was newly formed. 6 men gathered together one Sunday afternoon to watch their favorite NFL teams battle each other while rooting for their fantastical teams of players stats. As it would happen, two of these ‘men’ would decide to battle each other on the digital field of Tecmo Super Bowl.

From there the game evolved. The third installment of the franchise (in actuality it was more like the fifth) would become their platform. In the beginning they only played for sport. Towards the end of the first season, they began recording their individual game statistics. For the second season, they created a Book that would guide them to properly adjust their teams; to better battle each other.

For 3 seasons they fought in a series of 180 second quarters. It was then that they decided that the battles were not long enough; they did not properly allow each combatant to fight their fight. The battles were changed to 300 second quarters. The stats were not being properly maintained. The league had finally grown into its adolescence.

It was at this time that a level of dominance had begun. The top teams, the teams winning the coveted Man Bowl, all resided within the NFC Central. In season two the Minnesota Vikings, after guaranteeing victory at the end of the first season, brought home the title; a feat that, as yet, has not been duplicated. In season three the Chicago Bears. In season four the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In season five the Bears become the first two-time Man Bowl champions.

To boast about their superiority, the coaches of the Central division joined together in mocking the entirety of the NFC West. Dubbing them the NFC Fluff, the central coaches had created a title that would last an eternity; An eternity in tecmo time.

This is where the story turns. In season 6 the Carolina Panthers, coming off the most potent off-season in league history, rattled off the first perfect season in league history; going 16-0 and sweeping the playoffs grabbing the NFC Fluff’s first ever Man Bowl victory. In season seven the Fluffy Man Bowl champions stumbled a bit in the regular season (having to face the Minnesota Vikings former coach, now with the Atlanta Falcons) but swept the playoffs again en route to the first ever Back-to-Back Man Bowl championships; Both times over the Superior Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Fluff however was seemingly a one man show. While other teams in the Fluff had performed admirably in the regular season, they had not been able to overcome adversity in the playoffs. Until;

In season 8 the New Orleans Saints met up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Man Bowl. In a hard fought battle the Saints were able to overcome and win; then again in Season nine over the Chicago Bears.

By this time, the Fluff was now the dominant division in the league and the Superior, facing adversity for the first time, lost interest in the battle. League-wide complacency occurred and the league was shelved.

After three years, the NFTGL reformed. The NFC Fluff and the NFC Superior once again coming together for battle. A long time Fluff coach (the fluffiest) departed for the Green Bay Packers coaching job to join the NFC Superior. Two new coaches joined the fold; the league began anew.

To date, the NFC Fluff has won six consecutive Man Bowl titles and the level of competition in the playoffs from the Superior teams has not been very superior at all.

Will this once dominant grouping of ‘men’ ever be able to overcome their lethargy and bring a real fight to the Fluff; or will the Fluff continue to dominate the No Frills Tough Guy League?

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