"The Greatest Tecmo Super Bowl III League in the World"
WEEK 1 PREVIEW.....St Louis(-14.5) at New Orleans 12:00:00 PM........Carolina at Atlanta(-3) 12:35:00 PM........Tampa Bay at Washington(-3) 01:10:00 PM........San Francisco at Minnesota(-7.5) 01:32:00 PM........Chicago(-21) at Cleveland 02:07:00 PM........Detroit at Green Bay(-3) 02:29:00 PM

With 10 completed Man Bowls in this new, less frillier, belt era of the NFTGL complete, lets look at all ten man bowls.....RANKED!!

#4 - 7 #8 - 10

2. Man Bowl XII----THE Hail Mary

Theres something special about the hail mary. Even the hardest atheist has a high level of respect for this play. There's just something about the desperation and making that last ditch effort to get the W with nothing more than a prayer. And when that prayer is answered, its never forgotten. Entering Man Bowl XII, Bordier was the defending champ, having beaten Pine the season prior. They met again, but this time the league went through an over haul. Bordier was coaching the Bears while Pine was coaching the Packers. This game begins with Pine racing out to an early 13 point lead, before Bordier is able to get down the field and kick a field goal to get on the board. Bordier is struggling offensively and just cannot get anything going. An onside kick starts the second half and its recovered by the Bears. This is just the catalyst Bordier need. After going down the field and scoring the TD, Bordier then has a classic “Bend but dont break” defensive series, forcing a turnover on downs deep in his territory. Unable to capitalize, Bordier is forced to punt and Pine gets a good return into Bears territory. Then the ghosts of Man Bowls past arrive. On the first play of the series, Pine is picked off by Mark Carrier. Bordier doesn’t fail this time and is able to get the ball into the end zone with under a minute to play. 6 seconds. 6 seconds is an eternity in football. Once the kickoff dust had settled, 6 seconds is all that remained. 6 seconds between Bordier and becoming the first back to back belt winner. 6 seconds between Bordier and winning the ultimate prize with the team the league picked for him. 6 seconds and 78 yards. Just like Man Bowl VIII, this game would come down to the final prayer. But unlike Man Bowl VIII, Bordier did not attack his opponent, instead electing to play in coverage and allow his opponent to get a desperation throw off. This would be a decision that will haunt Bordier for at least the next two seasons, but most likely for the rest of his life. 78 yards. That's how far Brett Favre's pass traveled before Robert Brooks jumped to the sky and snatched the ball out of the air. And with that jump and grab, Pine had snatched Victory from the jaws of defeat, and in turn handed defeat to a coach that deserved better. 13 points was, and still is an unprecedented comeback in a Man Bowl. Despite being given what the league felt was the worst team, Bordier rose up and was so close. 6 seconds……..78 yards…...….1 bad decision. On this day, Rod reminded us just how humbling Tecmo really is and just how good these two coaches really are.


In just the second season of the new league, we were treated to a rematch of the top two teams from the first season. This game did not live up to Man Bowl VII. It somehow managed to surpass it. Bordier comes out and struggles moving the ball in the first half of the game. After Jim Everett throws the rare pick, Jordan goes down the field for the TD and the 7-0 lead. Bordier then returns the ensuing kickoff for a TD and ties the game. Jordan responds with a field goal to close the half. The second half kickoff is Jordan's, and he proceeds to go on a 5 minute+ TD drive that puts him up by 10 with just over 4 minutes remaining before Bordier even sees the ball in the second half. But once again, Bordier returns the kick for a touchdown to make it a 3 point game again. Bordier executes the onside kick, but as with the rest of the game, nothing is going Bordier's way. Jordan recovers the kick and returns it to the Saints 20 yard line. For reasons no one has ever figured out, Jordan elected to not run the ball and throws an incomplete pass on first down, setting the stage for one of the single biggest plays in the history of the league. Jordan again elects to pass. Thinking he had an open receiver in the end zone, Jordan lets the pass fly, when Eric Allen comes in and picks off the pass, giving his coach the opportunity he needed so desperately. With the ball on their 20 yard line, down by 3, the Saints then go 80 yards and score the TD to take the lead with 40 seconds to play. In a game where Jordan played great defense, and one could argue he deserved to win, history does not see it that way. History remembers Jordan failing to close a game while inexplicably not using the best aspect of his offense. History remembers the biggest player, making the biggest play, on the biggest stage. History remembers “GET THAT FUCKING PICK!!”