"The Greatest Tecmo Super Bowl III League in the World"
WEEK 1 PREVIEW.....St Louis(-14.5) at New Orleans 12:00:00 PM........Carolina at Atlanta(-3) 12:35:00 PM........Tampa Bay at Washington(-3) 01:10:00 PM........San Francisco at Minnesota(-7.5) 01:32:00 PM........Chicago(-21) at Cleveland 02:07:00 PM........Detroit at Green Bay(-3) 02:29:00 PM

With 10 completed Man Bowls in this new, less frillier, belt era of the NFTGL complete, lets look at all ten man bowls.....RANKED!!

#1 - 3 #4 - 7

#8. Man Bowl XIII---Barry Barry Barry, cant you see, sometimes your ankles just hypnotize me.

In the second season of the second belt generation, the title game saw a throwback matchup of old foes. Jordan battled his way to the Man Bowl as the 6 seed, where he would meet a familiar foe, Ray Bordier. Coach Bordier returned for the second straight year, hoping to reclaim the title. Bordier V Jordan, part 3 had all the makings of an epic all timer, and was their first post-season meeting since “the glitch.” But Barry had different plans. Barry had finally reached the Man Bowl in the Belt Era, and he refused to be denied. Jordan and his Detroit Barrys would jump out to a 14-0 lead, and by the fourth quarter it was a 21-0 lead. After threatening to score early, Bordier failed to muster much offense before scoring his first TD in the 4th quarter to cut it to 21-7. The ensuing onside kick was then housed, to restore the 21 point lead and solidify the final score, 28-7. Barry Sanders had won his first, and to date, only Belt.

#9. Man Bowl XIV---The Day The Hashtag Died

For only the second time, There would not be a Ray or a Jordan in the Man Bowl. And just like the first time, the game never lived up to the hype. After 2 playoff failures with the Saints, and the emergence of the #BillHasZeroManBowlWins hashtag, Bill finally found himself with the #1 seed and an easy path to the Man Bowl. His opponent, Dan, took out both Rays in his path, however found himself facing the team he had struggled against all year. After a fierce defensive battle in the first half, Bill and the Saints offense exploded in the second half, scoring 3 touchdowns in 5 plays. And when the dust settled, Bill had shaken the monkey off of his back, and this would be the day the hashtag…...died.

#10. Man Bowl X---The Box of Cans

For the first time, there was no Ray and no Jordan in the biggest game of the season. On this night, we would crown a new winner of the coveted belt. This game began with such promise. Either the old grizzled vet, Dan, or the new kid playing with the broken player, Steve, was going to get the belt, and the league was happy for either player. The game however never lived up to the expectations. Steve and Deion jumped out to an early lead and Dan never recovered. The final score was 38-6 plus one big box of cans. It stands as the biggest blowout in the championship game in the belt era.