"This league is what a man would do"

About us

The NFTGL was founded on a Sunday afternoon in 2006 while 7 amazing people gathered to watch football together. The reason: becuase regular Tecmo Super Bowl just wasn't manly enough.

Our goal was to create the manliest, most hard fought, epic display of video game football ever dreamt of. We set out to create rules to make the game more difficult, both against each other and against the often incredibly lame computer. Over time we began recording all statistics from all games played.

After a few years off from playing, we've reformed the league with bigger and more awesomer ideas for this, New NFTGL.

Now the NFTGL gathers twice a year for 1 weekend. 48+ hours to plow through 1 full season. All games are recorded and posted here, for you. Our fan! (We know you're out there)



All of our rules are available on the rules page.

There are a few things that make us stand out from other Tecmo leagues:
1. We are not permitted to change our playbooks. The playbook defines the team more so than rosters in many cases.
2. RB's, WR's, and TE's cannot be played out of position, except in a few instances.


Joining the NFTGL

Some times a team owner is unable to attend a season. This does not stop the season from happening however; and because of this, the NFTGL is introducing “Interim Coaches” to the league.

An Interim Coach is a person that wishes to potentially join the NFTGL, or perhaps would just like to test their mettle against the challenge that the NFTGL presents. Interim coaches will take the reins of a team absent a coach for 1 season and compete against the league as best they can, up to and including potentially winning the Man Bowl.

Any person interested in becoming an interim coach can contact the NFTGL at nofrillstoughguyleague@gmail.com with any questions they have.

There is a waiting list for this, and as a league, we prefer to get to know people before they join us for the weekend. So if you want to interim coach, or maybe some day join the league full time, it would help if you came to hang out at some point.