"This league is what a man would do"

Chris Jones

Regular Season Record : 90 - 54
Playoffs Made : 4 Times (Archive Season 1 & Seasons 3, 4 & 6)
Division Titles : None
Man Bowl Victories : 1 Time (Archived Season 1)
Man Bowls Played : 1 Time (Archived Season 1)
Playoff Record : 0 -3
Man Record (including playoff games) : 21 - 57

Bio: Coach Jones left the Atlanta Falcons after week 2 of Archived Season 2 and did not re-sign with a team until joining the Detroit Lions at the beginning of Season 3. Coach Jones missed season 7 and season 9. He selected the Carolina Panthers 3rd overall in the season 12 redraft.

Career Stats (Averages per Team)

Team Career Record PTS/game OP/game Total Yds /game Pass Yds Rush Yds OP Total yds OP Pass Yds OP Rush Yds Career +/-
DET 17 - 41 - 0 14.05 22.76 171.67 103.31 68.36 203.40 128.24 75.16 -34
CAR 4 - 16 - 0 7.9 21.65 124.4 75.5 48.9 228.0 157.5 71.45 -10


NFC Central Coaches

Jarrad Lutton(Tampa Bay)
Luis Fonovic (Minnesota)
Ray Pine (Green Bay)
Jordan Lutton (Detriot)
Ray Bordier (Chicago)

NFC West Coaches

Bill Summerfield (New Orleans)
Chris Jones (Carolina)
Dan Soffer (St. Louis)
Steve Smutnik (Atlanta)
Greg Hartley (San Francisco)

Interim & Retired Coaches

Joe Young (Retired)


AFC East

Buffalo Bills (pending expansion)
Indianapolis Colts (pending expansion)
Miami Dolphins (pending expansion)
New England Patriots (pending expansion)
New York Jets (pending expansion)


NFC East

Arizona Cardinals (pending expansion)
Dallas Cowboys (pending expansion)
New York Giants (pending expansion)
Philadelphia Eagles (pending expansion)
Washington Redskins (pending expansion)

AFC Central

Cincinnati Bengals (pending expansion)
Cleveland Browns (pending expansion)
Houston Oilers (pending expansion)
Jacksonville Jaquars (pending expansion)
Pittsburgh Steelers (pending expansion)


NFC Central

Chicago Bears (Ray Bordier)
Detroit Lions (Jordan Lutton)
Green Bay Packers (Ray Pine)
Minnesota Vikings (Luis Fonovic)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Jarrad Lutton)

AFC West

Denver Broncos (pending expansion)
Kansas City Chiefs (pending expansion)
Oakland Raiders (pending expansion)
San Diego Chargers (pending expansion)
Seattle Seahawks (pending expansion)


NFC West

Atlanta Falcons (Steve Smutnik)
Carolina Panthers (Chris Jones)
New Orleans Saints (Bill Summerfield)
San Francisco 49ers (Greg Hartley)
St Louis Rams (Dan Soffer)