"This league is what a man would do"


NFTGL Rules and Regulations


1.      Any rules in question, or anything not covered within the rules, will be discussed and ruled upon by the presiding league witnesses for the current game.


2.      Rules vs. The Computer

            A.     No player may kick a field goal at any point.

1) The kicking of any field goal against the computer will result in the game being reset as well as a forfeit of said game.

            B.     No player may kick an onside kick at any point.

                        1)  See penalties under 3.A.3

            C.     No player may go for a two-point conversion at any point.

1) Any two-point conversion attempted against the computer will result in the game being reset as well as a forfeit of said game.

            D.     No player may punt at any point.

                        1)  The penalty for punting is a punt on that players next possession in any                  computer game.

            E.      No player may angle a kick-off at any point.

                        1)  Penalty for angling a kick-off is a punt on the players next possession                               in any computer game.

            F.         The opening coin flip must be skipped.

1) If the coin flip is allowed to resolve, you must hit “B” to skip the selection process


3.      Rules vs Man Players

            A.        Onside kicks may only be kicked in the following instances:

                        1) The opening kickoff of the 3rd quarter, if that team is trailing by                                     14+ points.

                                    a. After the opening kickoff, a team must be down by 9+ in order                                       to continue onside kicking in the 3rd quarter.

                        2) In the 4th quarter if the kicking team is losing by 1 or more points.

3) Any illegal onside that is done will result in having the offending team punt on their next possession. In addition to that, if the kick is recovered by the kicking team:

                                    a.  A field goal must immediately be called and the kicker allowed                                               to be tackled.

b. If an illegal onside kick occurs in the final minute of the 2nd or 4th quarter or over time, the witnesses of the game will assess the penalty based on the current game situation. This could result in a replaying of the entire game. The receiving team will be allowed to veto this ruling if they so choose. If the kick is recovered by the kicking team, the above rule “a” is also applied to any ruling.




4.      Rules in ALL games

            A.    Zig-Zag Rule:  A “zigzag” is a series of two changes of direction, up or             down, in any combination, moving down field. Moving straight downfield is not       considered as part of these two changes in direction. (i.e. angling up then going             straight and then angling down and then going straight is a complete, two change,            zigzag”)

                        1) A team may “zigzag” with no restrictions in the following scenarios:

                                    a. Kick Returns (including onside kick recoveries)

                                    b. Punt Returns

                                    c. Interception Returns

                                    d. Fumble Recoveries

                                                i) This applies to both offensive and defensive recoveries

                                    e. Blocked FG/Punts picked up by either team

2) Any offensive player that has already completed their “zigzag” that is subsequently overtaken by a defensive player may continue to make any changes of direction they wish, as long as the defensive player remains ahead of them. Once they have broken back into the open field they may continue moving in the direction that got them into the open field but may go straight after that.

                        3) A final change of direction is allowed when a player is running near the                   sidelines, they may always run out of bounds. This final change of                                                 direction does not count as part of the “zigzag” and results in no penalties.


            B.  Diving Rule: Use of "Y" button is strictly limited to the following:

                        1) If the QB is carrying the football and crosses the line of scrimmage, the                               Y button can be used to dive.

2) At the end of the 2nd or 4th quarter (under 20 seconds remaining), a dive is permitted to stop the clock in order to run one final play. Only if this play could potentially win or tie the game for the offensive player.

                        3) Penalty for any use of the Y button other than above that results in                                     being tackled/touched down shall result in an immediate punt. If the dive                                   resulted in a turnover on downs, the player will be required to punt on                             their next possession.

                                    a. If this occurs during a computer game, the penalty will be                                                 enforced during a computer game.

                                    b. If this occurs during a man game, the penalty will be enforced                                                 during the next man game between the two coaches involved in the                                    matchup.

            C.        Playbooks are not permitted to be changed at any time.



            5. Roster Setup


            A.  No player may be set in the lineup outside of their position except the                                     following:

                        1) Teams that utilize 3 and 4 wide receiver base sets may place a RB in                                     their top WR position


            B. Marquee players (players who are clearly the best players on the team despite            their physical condition) are not permitted to be placed on the bench.

                        1) If a player is regularly switching the defensive formation they use, they                             are not required to keep changing their lineup.


C. Kick Returners

1) Any player with 38hp or higher is banned from being used as a kick returner with the following exceptions:

            -Dexter Carter - NYJ

-John Vaughn - KC

-Herschel Walker - NYG

-Brian Mitchell - WAS

-Johnny Bailey - STL



Any team found to not be following the roster setup rules will be immediately forced to punt.  If the team is on defense, they will be forced to punt on their next possession.



6.      Glitches:

            The “Fumble Glitch” Defined:

            A. When the ball is fumbled and recovered by the opposing team prior to the             game announcing the fumble this glitch may occur. Upon the blowing of the             whistle possession of the ball will be given back to the fumbling team. On the             ensuing play, if a pass is called it results in an automatic interception (though not       always) by the marked defensive player. If a run is called, nothing happens.

            B. After the play is ended; if the glitch has occurred and the fumbling team retains             possession the following must occur:

                        1) A field goal must be called and the kicker allowed to be tackled,                                     resulting in a change of possession.

            C. If the recovering team returns the glitched fumble to their opponent’s end             zone, the play will result in a safety. This is permitted.

                        1) Any kick-off resulting from a safety may still be onside kicked per the                               onside kick rules in section 3.A.

            Unaccounted for Glitches:

            A. In the event of an unaccounted for Glitch (Glitch not specified in the rules),             The two man players may reach an agreement on how to proceed. That agreement       must be brought to the commissioner for approval. The game may then proceed.          The league will meet at the conclusion of the effected game and vote on a rule to           govern the new glitch going forward.


7.      Game results / Statistics

            A. It is the responsibility of the winner of each Man vs Man game to ensure that      all statistics are recorded and the game is ended properly.

                        1) If a game shut off occurs prior to the game saving, the game must be                                     replayed unless:

                                    a. If the game shut off occurs due to actions by the losing player,                                                 the game will be simmed until it results in the winning team being                                          awarded their win. This action could also result in the suspension                                                of the player causing the problem.

8.      Off-Season

            All Owner controlled teams that competed in the previous season will be eligible            for the off-season immediately following it.

            A.     Trading

                        1) Each team will have 3 trade attempts

                        2) The “200 Point” Rule

                                    a. A player may only trade for another player that is within a 200                                          point margin based on the weighted rating system developed by                                      and for the NFTGL.

                                    b. A player may not be traded for if they reside on any of the 10                                                 eligible NFTGL teams (Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota,                                          Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, St. Louis and San                                                 Francisco)

                                    c. A player may not be traded if they were just received in a trade.                                       Players must spend 1 year on a team after being acquired via a                                        trade.

            B.      Banned Player List

                        1) Any player on this list may not be acquired through trade.

                                    a. Banned Players: Rod Woodson Deion Sanders*

                                                i. Deion is banned in original free agency. The player                                                             may be signed only if he has been signed from FA to a cpu                                                           team and then dropped into free agency again.

            C.     Free Agency

                        Draft Order and Drafting

                        1) Non-playoff teams draft order is based on a weighted lottery system                                     that takes Man Record and overall team ranking into account.

2) Playoff teams draft based on reverse finish order. If two teams are eliminated at the same level ties are broken in the following order: Seasonal Record, Man Record, head to head record, point differential.

                        3) There are 2 rounds to the free agency draft period. Each team may draft                            1 player per round. If a team passes at any point, they are done drafting for                 that off season.

                        4) Once all players are drafted teams can drop players to create salary to                                 add their new drafted players. Sometimes, it is necessary for teams to pick                          up additional players by cutting people to create salary room on their                          team. When doing so, they cannot pick up any players already drafted by                              other teams, and wherever possible, must pick up undrafted players before                    signing players newly dropped by other teams.

                        5) Any players on the Banned List that are currently residing in free                                     agency cannot be drafted.

                        6) Current Players on the Banned List: Rod Woodson


9.   Witnesses

            A.  Every game played in the NFTGL must be “witnessed” by at least 1 other             member of the league.

            B. The Witness is responsible for ensuring that all rules are followed by the             player(s).

            C. A Witness may choose to not have said rule/penalty applied, if the player(s)             agree, depending on the severity of the infraction.

            D. If a Witness is found to be corrupt in any way whatsoever, that player will be        banned from the league for life. In this case, the commissioner will confer with             other members of the league to make the final determination.


10.   Quitting the League

            A. Any person quitting the league in the middle of a season will lose all rights of         ownership in the league and will be banned from the league for one season. All             current owners in the league must then vote to allow the banned player to return and a majority vote is required.


11.   Interim Coaches

            A. Some owners will at times miss seasons. When this occurs, other players may     ‘borrow’ that owners team for the season they miss and play in the NFTGL.

            B. Interim Coaches do not receive off-seasons after completing a season in the             NFTGL. They play only to compete.


12.   Owners

            A. There are 10 teams in the NFTGL and each team is assigned an Owner.

            B. Any owner missing 2 consecutive seasons loses their rights to ownership in the       league and their team becomes eligible for new ownership.

            C. Any Interim Coaches who have completed 1 season of play in the NFTGL are       eligible to become an owner in the league.


13.   Scheduling

            A. The NFTGL plays two full seasons each year. Once near the NFL’s super             bowl weekend and once towards the end of summer before the NFL season             begins.