"This league is what a man would do"

Hall of Shame

Computer Shame
Jarrad Lutton Season 7 game 74 lost to the Dallas Cowboys 31-28
Steve Smutnik Season 7 game 177 lost to the San Francisco 49ers 17-14
Bill Summerfield Season 7 game 196 lost to the Cleveland Browns 19-14
Dan Soffer Season 7 Playoff Game 2 lost to the Dallas Cowboys 24-21
Bill Summerfield Season 8 game 37 lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 23-14
Steve Smutnikl Season 8 game 187 lost to the Buffalo Bills 14-7
Ray Bordier Season 9 game 202 lost to the San Francisco 49ers 24-14
Greg Hartley Season 12 game 93 lost to the Buffalo Bills 27-14 Ray Pine Season 12 game 171 lost to the Dallas Cowboys 28-21 Ray Bordier Season 12 game 236 lost to the Houston Oilers 10-7 Greg Hartley Season 13 game 182 lost to the Miami Dolphins 23-21 Steve Smutnik Season 14 game 113 lost to the Dallas Cowboys 30-7 Jarrad Lutton Season 14 game 130 lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 14-7

Most Lopsided Game - Dan Soffer was playing so badly against Jordan Lutton that he began to intentionally allow Jordan to run up the score on him, producing a 49-0 final.

Biggest Loser Award - Jarrad Lutton: the only original coach to never win a man bowl

Worst Offenser Award - Dan Soffer has been shut out 17 times. Only one other coach in the league has been shut out more than 5 times and that was only 9. This record is hands down untouchable. Well done!

Vagina Award - Chris Jones, after winning Man Bowl 1, was shut out in back to back man games to start Season 2 and subsequently quit the league.

Worse-than-****** Award - Greg Hartley… His ½ season performance was so shameful that his records were expunged and counted as computer statistics for all time. (The title of this award was bleeped because it referenced a certain coaches name and he cried. Literally)

The 5 yard game - In the 1st round of the playoffs in Season 2 Era 1, Jarrad Lutton held Ray Pine to 5 total yards of offense en route to a 10-0 victory. Needless to say, this is the most inept an offense has ever been in league history (and lets hope this doesn’t change)

The Buffalo Bills Award - Ray Pine lost three consecutive man bowls... and still complains about it to this day! (This is a lie, he doesn't care)

Playoff Shame - Dan Soffer lost to the Dalls Cowboys cementing the first computer playoff loss in league history.


ARCHIVED - Era 1 and 2 of the NFTGL

Computer Shame
Jarrad Lutton season 1 lost to 49ers
Jordan Lutton season 2 lost to New York Jets
Ray Pine season 3 lost to Detriot Lions
Dan Soffer season 4 tied Green Bay Packers
Jarrad Lutton season 6 lost to Miami Dolphins
Ray Bordier season 7 lost to Buffallo Bills
Dan Soffer season 8 lost to Miami Dolphins